I got so much more out of your art therapy group than I could have imagined. I have been to facilitated groups before, making art therapeutically, but not with a qualified art therapist. The difference was incredible. As you led the group and helped us to explore various aspects of our name and identity, I uncovered many old stories and emotions that I was ready to let go of now.
The process of making the artwork was indeed therapeutic and did allow the time to process these emotions and let them go.
Sharing with the group about our works was interesting to see how this issue of identity plays out in everyone. Your interpretation of the work was lovely and helped me feel seen.

Thank you again for a wonderful experience
— client
I have attended two workshops facilitated by Lucy and in both, she created a safe place for all of us to explore ourselves without judgement and she was able to swiftly identify those in the group that were struggling emotionally and managed these situations with a sensitive approach. I found each session to be eye opening in some form about myself and the situation I was in at the time.

— client
I first met Lucy at an art therapy session. Prior to this, I had only heard about art therapy, and had very little idea about what to expect. One of the things that become clear early on was that no experience in doing art was required. Lucy facilitated an open and safe environment for everyone. There was a real mix of people; different cultural backgrounds, different ages, different jobs, and different expectations about what art therapy was and what it could do. She was able to navigated people’s different needs, expectations and evolving experiences in a careful and considered way. The environment Lucy created meant that people felt empowered to contribute just what they felt comfortable doing. I was surprised how the use of basic art supplies and sensitive guidance by Lucy could generate such a rich and unexpected outcome. One of the activities we did was exploring different ways to think about ourselves and our histories. I was amazed that what appeared to be such a simple process could reveal and explore things I had never really thought about. Taking part in the session and a subsequent one was a hugely positive experience for me, and I would without hesitation to commend Lucy as an intelligent and compassionate art therapy facilitator
— client
Lucy was a highly valued member of the Weave team for 8 years. Lucy’s positive energy and warm personality combined with her empathy and creativity was infectious! Lucy has a natural talent for engaging people at all levels, from small children to politicians and Elders in the community and she has a way of bringing out the best in people and building their confidence so they can really shine. Lucy’s commitment to social justice and her passion for what she does, drives her to work hard and strive for excellence in her work.
Lucy was able to tailor her engagement with each of the hundreds of children and families she worked with at Weave, according to each of their unique needs and talents. Alongside them, and with their needs at the centre, she designed and implemented creative, flexible group programs that built skills, capacity, self development and learning through fun and connection. Drawing out and building on each individual’s strengths and capacity in order to build their confidence and self esteem is a special talent that Lucy has. Lucy is highly attuned, empathetic and insightful and these qualities, alongside her artistic talents, experience in group dynamics and her strong therapeutic framework make Lucy an excellent art therapist. Lucy is a also fantastic leader, manager and mentor who has a commitment to life long learning and she also helped to develop the skills, knowledge and capacity of her team members during her time with Weave. There is not much Lucy can’t do!!
— Siobhan Bryson, Director, Weave Youth and Community Services
Lucy has the unique ability to balance dualities. She is both vibrant and professional. She can work responsively and therapeutically with individuals, but is also a competent and creative group facilitator.  Lucy is has an incredible capacity for creative thinking and can apply this to managing complex programs. Lucy has a particular flare for working with young people but her skills translate across generations. I have observed Lucy to engage in a wide variety of working environments and increase the capacity of the organisation significantly with each role she has undertaken. Lucy’s engaging personality, creative flair, compassion, patience and planning ability is perfectly targeted to individual therapy, group programs and therapeutic mentoring. I am happy to support her in bringing together the many strands of her talents and abilities for the benefit of our communities.
— Katharine Clarke. Registered Psychologist and client
Lucy worked with Artists for Kids’ Culture (AKC) in 2018 on the AKC Arts Bus Pilot Program. Lucy designed the Arts Bus program including all of the children’s art activities, volunteer training and overseeing all mandatory regulatory requirements. We felt very assured in Lucy’s experienced hands. The AKC staff and volunteers were enlightened by Lucy’s vision, caring and fun approach. We wish Lucy lived in Melbourne, so we could have her permanently on our Arts Bus!

— Kylie Greer; Artists for Kids’ Culture, Director
Thank YOU! It was really great having you join us today. Even though the room was a bit busy (and busy is good for Young Parents Group) it was fantastic to see that the parents and children engaged in the activity and definitely gained some positive impact from it.
— Cristelle Govender: Programs and Marketing Coordinator. The Place, Charlestown Community Centre
Lucy is a reliable workshop teacher with an infectious energy. she facilitated a workshop to meet the needs of my niche business, and delivered on a unique and engaging activity. Lucy is a joy to collaborate with. 
— Kaila Perusco, business owner