LB Creative Therapy offers tailored and unique creative programs for organisations and individuals.

I am a Professional Artist, Initiatic Art Therapist, Educator and Community Development Manager with 15 years of experience working across the sector nationally and internationally. The programs I have developed and my personal achievements have been acclaimed through State and Federal awards. I create a safe space where people from all walks of life can feel respected, heard and inspired.


Healing and growth is explored through guided creative processes

 Creativity has always been a driving force in my life.  My mother and grandmother are artists, so creativity was always explored in my childhood. Growing up I had two passions, my art practice and my drive to help people. This has taken me all over the world leading development projects and I have worked throughout Australia with different Aboriginal communities. My life has been enriched through the connections made with other cultures and this too has informed my practice. Having rich experiences working with people as a social worker, I then studied art therapy. Here everything started to balance and my passions for art and strength-based therapy wove together. I believe healing, growth and self-development can be achieved through a guided creative journey. I have seen first-hand the positive impact that consistent, informed creative programs can have on a person’s outlook, self-esteem and general health. No artistic skills are required - it is about expression and connection. It is incredible what is revealed, healed and overcome through simple, rewarding and fun creative exercises. A judgement-free space is created, where one is free to explore and engage with all kinds of different artistic techniques. This can be in a group setting or through explorative individual sessions. 

I was the coordinator of an award-winning,best practice early intervention program with Weave Youth and Community Services for 8 years. The program empowers young indigenous children, youth and families by working in a holistic, trauma-informed, strength-based approach with community. 

The different community projects and therapeutic programs I have developed has enhanced my ability to coordinate community arts and cultural projects, engaging diverse community groups and building strong partnerships across sectors. I have bright and inclusive ideas that bind my passion for community development, mental health, self-awareness and social justice with my ability to bring people together and help people find their strengths and abilities through creative programs. 

LB Creative Therapy programs will engage people of all ages and backgrounds and create meaningful pathways for future endeavours. I walk beside my clients and create an environment for growth that is enhanced through one’s experimentation with creativity.

Recent Awards 

  • 2017 University of Sydney Social Work Supervisor Award

  • 2016 - Youth Action NSW - Outstanding Service or Project Working with Indigenous People

  • 2016 - Winner of NSW Government Aboriginal Network Award - Honours

  • 2015 - Winner Pauline McLeod Award for Reconciliation for commitment and drive in support of indigenous youth.

  • 2012 - Certificate of Commendation for Parliament of NSW, for outstanding service to the community through programs benefiting Aboriginal children and youth people


  • Currently studying Masters in Social Work

  • Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy

  • UNSW - Bachelor of Arts: Sociology, Anthropology, Performance Studies and Theatre.

  • Certificates in -  Understanding and Working with Dual Diagnosis and Trauma and Addictions; Trauma Informed Practice; Grief and Loss; Lateral Violence; Play Therapy; Cultural Awareness 

  • Certificate IV Fine and Studio Arts