Initiatic Art Therapy

Iniative art therapy is a body focussed therapy that looks at healing from the inside. These sessions will help you realise your potential, while having lots of fun. You don’t need to have any artistic skills. These techniques can help with grief and loss, different behaviours in children, staff supervision, workplace politics, relationships, self esteem, managing stress and dealing with difficult situations.

Sometimes it is nice to do something for yourself.

To start the journey contact Lucy to discuss your first session. 

I was amazed that what appeared to be such a simple process could reveal and explore things I have never really thought about.
— Hamish Client

What can be achieved 

  • Increased motivation and self esteem

  • Relieves stress

  • Clarification and motivation

  • Empathy and connection

  • Improve self-expression

  • Exploration of emotions

  • Managing addictions

  • Realization

  • Healing

  • Self-exploration

  • Assist to reduce pain, anxiety and tension

  • Help with social skills

I had my first art therapy session and I loved it. I was asked to think of my full name, nicknames, what friends and family and other people call me and to express this on paper. Happy memories filled of love, playfulness, growth, strength, power and joy. I can’t help but smile. Feeling fabulous thank you Lucy Butler
— first time client