Creative workshops

Creative workshops are a great way to work on group dynamics, enhance connection and build learning opportunities.

 Workshops are developed to suit the needs of your community, team, event or age group.

  •  Workshops are a light, fun way to improve team cohesion, connection and understanding.

  • The group will get to work together outside of their day-to-day routine and connect on a creative level, which will open new productive pathways.  

  • Creativity broadens awareness and understanding of new ideas.  It helps increase positive feelings and self-esteem. 

  • Creativity helps the group feel more connected and purposeful.

  • Taking time out and investing in creativity relieves stress leading to health benefits and improving overall well-being.  

  • The rational, logical left brain hemisphere can stop the right hemisphere from the exploration of new ideas.Bydoing creative activities,one can train the brain to perceivedifferently. Whatever cognitive tendency one has,right or left,it is healthy to exercise both sides of your brain.

  •  The workshop is also a way to resolve apprehensions about creating an artwork, as the workshops are not about the final artwork created; the workshops are about the process.

Lucy is a reliable workshop facilitator with an infectious energy. She facilitated a workshop to meet the needs of my niche business and delivered on a unique and engaging activity. Lucy is a joy to collaborate with.
— Kaila, Business Owner